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Basilicata, a region in southern Italy, is known for its rugged landscapes, ancient history, and a burgeoning winemaking tradition. The region's winemaking heritage dates back to ancient times, and Basilicata produces a variety of unique and distinctive wines, both red and white, often from indigenous grape varieties.

Key characteristics of Basilicata wine:

Aglianico del Vulture: Aglianico is the most prominent red grape variety in Basilicata, and it thrives particularly well in the volcanic soils of Mount Vulture. Aglianico del Vulture wines are powerful, full-bodied, and showcase flavors of dark fruits, black cherries, and a touch of spice. They often exhibit a strong tannic structure and have excellent aging potential.

Piedirosso: Piedirosso is another red grape variety cultivated in Basilicata. It is often blended with Aglianico to produce wines with a softer and more approachable profile.

Greco Bianco: Greco Bianco is the principal white grape variety of Basilicata, known for producing refreshing and aromatic white wines with flavors of citrus, peach, and floral notes.

Moscatello Selvatico: Basilicata is also known for its sweet wines made from the Moscatello Selvatico grape variety. These wines have rich, fruity flavors and are often enjoyed as dessert wines.

Terroir-driven Wines: Basilicata's diverse terroirs, which include volcanic soils, limestone, and clay, contribute to the unique character of its wines, reflecting the region's distinctive geographical features.

Mount Vulture: The volcanic soils of Mount Vulture, an extinct volcano, provide an ideal environment for growing high-quality grapes, particularly Aglianico.

Food Pairing: Basilicata wines pair well with the region's traditional cuisine, which includes dishes like lamb, grilled meats, pasta with savory sauces, and spicy sausages.

Historic Winemaking Tradition: Basilicata's winemaking tradition has been passed down through generations, with winemakers preserving the authenticity and heritage of their wines.

Basilicata's wines offer a taste of the region's unique terroir and cultural heritage. Whether exploring the robust and age-worthy Aglianico del Vulture or savoring the aromatic Greco Bianco whites, Basilicata wines provide a delightful journey through the rustic charm and winemaking excellence of southern Italy.

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